Want to help but don't want to send money?  Check out our Amazon Wishlist!  We've made a list of items that we're needing in Pohnpei.

Do you have United Airline miles? 
                  to find out how you can help us by donating your miles! 

Please prayerfully consider donating $10, $20, $50, $100, $500, or any amount you are able to.  We still need a lot more commitments for monthly support, but if you can only donate one time, we need that, too.  Send your check to the address on the contact page for McDonough Church of Christ

We are still in great need of financial support


If you or your congregation would like to become a part of this great work, please contact us for more information.  We are still in need of a great deal of monthly support as well as one-time.  We left in January 2017, but our budget is still under where it needs to be.  Please help us to have enough funds to reach all of Micronesia and not just Pohnpei. In order for us to reach the other islands, we need more funding for the flights and stays.  Also, we have plans to build a new church building, where it will actually and finally be owned by the church.  The paperwork is ready, the land is ready to be cleared, we just need the funds to get it going!  This is in an area where most of our members and visitors live.  Our truck loads people up, and once it's full, it's full, but when we have a building there, we'll no longer need to turn people away because of the lack of space in the truck.  Many from the village have said, if we build it, they will come! 


Please continue to keep our family and work in your prayers.  That's something extremely important that everyone is able to do, and we greatly appreciate every one sent up for us.

                                                                         Would You Like to Be A Part of This Amazing Work!?!

We are now actively searching for investors who would like to be a part of these extremely important and necessary work.  If you would like to support us monthly or get your congregation involved, please contact us!  If we could get even a small amount from enough people & congregations, we'd have what we need to reach 4 nations of lost souls!  We will personally report every 2 years and would also love to set up a Skype report annualy or bi-annualy or send in pre-recorded DVD's, if that is something you are interested in.  If you would personally like to donate any amount each month to be a part of this wonderful work, we would be thrilled, and you will never regret putting that money towards the Lord's work and knowing that you absolutely are making a difference in the lives of the children, women & men who would not otherwise know the Lord.